I really enjoy podcasts, have too many to listen to them all

So, I’m not a big music person. Sure, there are a number of songs from all sorts of different genres that I enjoy, but I’m not into knowing all minutia about the different artists, bands, song titles, etc. Parodies, like those by Weird Al, are probably an exception for me. Now, what I do enjoy listening to, especially on long car rides, are podcasts. I typically use an Android app called Pocket Casts to listen to them all. I’ll typically set it up to download the most recent five episodes, though I’ll adjust that number for a few of them, which Pocket Casts makes it easy to do on a entry-by-entry basis (for example, I’ll only download just the most recent daily devotional podcasts). What do I listen to:

  •  Our Daily Bread (I found I don’t always remember to go into the app to read the daily devotional even with a daily to-do reminder, so having a daily devotional in different formats helps — just a few minutes each day)
  • Discover the World (small group devotional, fairly short-form podcasts at 15 minutes or so)
  • Lots of Twit podcasts (Windows Weekly, This Week in Google, Security Now, This Week in Computer Hardware, FLOSS Weekly, All About Android, and Triangulation — all weekly podcasts)
  • Wired’s The Gadget Lab Podcasts (usually weekly)
  • TEDTalks Technology (video based, so not when I’m driving)
  • The ChangeLog (“Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of open source”)
  • Software Engineering Daily (yep, it’s that geeky)
  • CodeNewbie’s podcast (weekly, usually stories of how people became developers or how to get started, listen for insights for many students)
  • Science Friday (weekly, obviously)
  • Software Engineering Radio (Somewhat Weekly, but with pauses at times for weeks)
  • Android Developers Backstage (Android Open Source Project, AOSP, focused, was an AOSP dev/supervisor in a previous life)
  • Embedded fm (you really need to have a background in this area to understand it)
  • PC Perspective (independent, longer format version of This Week in Computer Hardware, some overlap with that show with some of the same folks)
  • Programming Throwdown (Monthly)
  • Internet of Things (Weekly)
  • The Freelancers Show (rarely listen to it, trying to pick up tidbits for future side consulting gigs when I get done with my dissertation, never feels like I’ll get there, sigh)
  • Ditching Hourly with Jonathan Stark (in the same vain as the freelancers)
  • Internet History Podcasts (I like this one so much, I preordered Brian McCullough’s book derived with these interviews)
  • Microsoft Research Podcasts
  • CppCast (C++ podcasts, very deep C++ technical discussion, not for beginners)

I’m sure this list will change over time as it has many times in the past. You can see I don’t have time to listen to everything, but it’s great to have a variety of educational items to choose to make  car trips and such more tolerable (especially when you’re by yourself).

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